The Heart of the Gospel
Gethsemane to the Burial of Christ

The last hours of the Savior's life from late Thursday evening to around 3:00 PM on Friday afternoon contain the most significant events in all human history. From Gethsemane onward the Redeemer's time for teaching has come to an end and is replaced with a steep descent of humiliation and the cross. Thus these events (along with our Lord's state of death and glorious resurrection) form the central core of the gospel message. Although Jesus' whole earthly life was one of suffering and humiliation, it is during these last hours that Christ's suffering is greatly intensified and He endures the curse and separation from God for His people. It is for this reason that all four gospels spend a great deal of attention on the roughly seventeen hours of our Lord's passion. Given the importance of these events in God's plan of redemp