Exclusive Psalmody is a defense of the historic, traditional, and scriptural practice of praising God by the singing of the psalms. It is a clear and concise vindication of the use of God's inspired hymnbook, rather than the corrupt, fallible, and imperfect compositions of even the best of men. Avoiding the morass of self-justifying human opinions and evangelical traditions he discusses this crucial issue strictly from the word of God. He answers such fundamental questions as...
  • What is the Biblical doctrine of Worship?
  • Does God or man control the content of worship?
  • Has God ever authorized man to compose and institute his own forms of worship?
  • Does God require, indeed command the use of the psalms in his worship?
  • Has God ever authorized the use of uninspired songs in his worship?
  • What do the terms psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs really mean?
  • Why have psalms and hymns of human composition never coexisted for long historically and why do the latter always drive out the former?
For well-reasoned answers to these and other questions, including logical, systematic, and scriptural refutations of all the leading objections to exclusive psalmody this book is invaluable.
$8.00 + s/h
Hymns, Heretics and History is a fascinating study in the history and practice of hymnody. It clearly documents both the historic origins of Christian hymnody, and the theological axes that have honed it into its present form. It answers such fundamental questions with respect to our praise of God as...
  • What was the worship practice of the Old Testament Church?
  • What were the worship practices of the Apostolic Church and the early Christian church?
  • Who first introduced hymns into the worship of the Church?
  • Why were hymns introduced into the worship practices of Christians?
  • What were the responses of the Reformers to the worship practices of the time, and how did this contribute to splitting the Protestant Reformation?
  • What was the motive for almost every wave of hymnody that has successively swept through the Christian church?
For well-reasoned answers to these and other questions with respect to how we worship the Lord in song this is the book to read.
$10.00 + s/h
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